What Should A Muslim Do When Faced With Problems?

julaybib“This Alfa or Sheu can solve my problem…Let me meet him for help. In fact, he has helped many”
That kind of mindset is not uncommon among Muslims of nowadays.
Some people believe that other people are able to bestow mercy, forgive sins, overlook bad deeds, and give blessings the same way only Allaah can. These people are sometimes called
Sheu, waliy, alfa, or saints, and their followers sometimes even invoke them. This is a form of MAJOR SHIRK and means you are ascribing to someone other than Allaah something that
only belongs to Allaah, like Lordship, the sole
right to be worshipped, and the divine names and attributes. Only Allaah is the source of mercy, forgiveness, and blessings. So what should a Muslim do when faced with problems?