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Contentment Against Comparison

Contentment against comparison, why are other peoples life easier than mine

Aminah got her phone from the table and scrolled through her Facebook feeds, then she made a deep sigh “hmmmm”, yet again, her feed was filled with her friends’ achievements. She saw a picture of one of her old classmates who said to have currently relocated to Canada. Aminah had […]

Parenting in Islam

Parenting in Islam It is without doubt that every hoodum, thugs, thieves, kidnappers, bandits all stem from a home which affirms that global decline in morality has a lot to do with a Child’s family, home environment and social surroundings. It cannot be overemphasized that the home plays a significant […]

Why Islam Holds You To a High Moral Standard

Verily, you are upon great moral character  — Qur’an 68[Al-Qalam]:4 The majority of challenges facing the world today can be traced back to one single thing — moral standards. From corruption to murder, every criminal activity stems from a lack of values and inappropriately build characters. A man who steals doesn’t think he’s […]