You have a golden chance of serving Islam and contributing your quota to the
development of the needy community by joining us at Rafeeqee foundation. Volunteering
your time, resources, knowledge, and skills to better the lives of others is a well-revered
attribute, which adds you to the list of the best ‘best people’. According to one Hadith, the
Prophet says…The best of people are those who are most beneficial to people. You can
join our growing team in the areas of campaign promotion, fundraising drive, dawah
activities/mentoring activities etc.
By joining the Rafeeqee foundation team, you get the chance to work with highly
motivated people and have the opportunity to improve your ability to improve your
people skill. Rafeeqee volunteers are responsible for identifying needy individuals and
community, sourcing funds for the organization and also executing the project.
Join our team of joy givers now.


For more than five years, Rafeeqee foundation has positively touched the lives of more
than 20,000 people all over Nigeria through our various project activities. You are
welcome to partner with us in any of the following projects:
a. Water Projects – By providing portable water for households, mosques and
community use, you can help people meet their various needs through your donations.
Water is a basic necessity of life, and many people are still deprived of it. With
Rafeeqee, you can extend a helping hand to thousands of people in Nigeria who even
dream of waking up to see a running tap. You can help them make their dreams a
reality by:
Sponsoring a borehole/well project: We have a list of community that are lacking
access to potable water. You can request for the list and choose to sponsor a particular
city in your name depending on your budget. We will help you execute the project
and give you a full break down of how your money was spent. You’ll get the pre-execution video, execution video as well as the commissioning video. This shows you
we’re are accountable for every penny received.

Zakat ul Mal Empowerment project 

Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam, and one
of its purposes is to cater to the needy. At Rafeeqee, our priority is to care for the less
privileged and lift them out of poverty. With your Zakat donations, we can achieve
this together. We can empower the poor by providing them with the skills and
services they need to earn a decent living. As part of our empowerment scheme, we
identify individuals that are struggling to meet their needs by providing them with
tools or equipment to help them scale and expand their business. Help us assist the
cause of Allah.

Dawah and Mentoring 

Allah said in the Holy Quran, “And who is better in speech
than one who invites to Allah and does righteousness and says, “Indeed, I am of the
Muslims.”(Surat Fussilat 41:33). Based on the teachings of this verse, we conduct our
Dawa’h activities to call (to invite) to Allah, i.e. Islam, to welcome and integrate new
reverts, distribution of informational materials (Pamphlet, Quran etc.) in various
communities both in the rural areas and cities across Nigeria. We are setting up soul-
nurturing lectures for Muslims on the social media, village and remote locations or
any location in major cities across Nigeria. Please donate today and help us propagate

Join Our Monthly Deeds Donor

Rafeeqee foundation has a group of donors that donate to help achieve our goals
monthly. Funds from our monthly deeds contribution are used for:
Monthly Orphanage support
After school activities
Monthly support for the needy.
You can become part of our monthly deeds contributors by committing a minimum of
$5 or N500 monthly. You do not have to be donating a fixed amount you can be
flexible with your donations too. Remember that the best deeds with Allah are that
which is small and consistent.
Join our monthly deeds group now.


We consider children who have lost both parents as orphans. The loss of parents as a
result of illness or other sources is a harsh and traumatic experience for thousands of
children in Nigeria.
Our goal is to provide care and help to those children who have lost their parent’s
love, allowing them to thrive and receive education and feeding.
Children are the most vulnerable members of society, and they need consistent and
comprehensive care and support to grow. Rafeeqee orphan sponsorship program
provides orphan with hope, love and prospects for the future.
We provide feeding, education, clothing and other aids to orphans monthly.
Join the team of sponsors currently helping us support orphans. Check out orphans on
our waiting list now.


Once a person attains old age in Nigeria, they are often time neglected and left to take
care of themselves. This makes these elders vulnerable with no care and support from
anyone to take care of their daily needs.
Children of some of these elders are unable to provide for their old one because they
are busy struggling to cater for their own needs. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic
affecting the world, the condition of the elders has become even worse. A lot of them
resort to begging in other to get food to eat.
Recognizing this problem, Rafeeqee foundation seek out means to alleviate the
sufferings of our elders and resorted to coming up with the Rafeeqee Elderly Support
We provide them with the care, support and assistance they need during their old age:
their feeding, clothing, health and general wellbeing. With $49.99 (N20,000) you can
provide adequate care for an elder in Nigeria. You can select your elder from our
waiting list and get updated about his/her wellbeing.
Join our Elder support Program today.


Donors are the backbone of our organization. We carry out Rafeeqee project based on
the funds received from our donors.
Do you know that when you invite someone, and they donate, you get the same
reward as them? Yes, the PBUH stated that in a Hadith. You can help further the
reach of Rafeeqee by inviting benevolent people to support our various activities. To
invite you can share our link with your friends and family or invite using the link