How Does Rafeeqee Foundation Help?

Water Project:
Every living thing stems from water, and this tells that water is essential to life. We all
require water for our daily needs, yet there are millions of people without access to clean
potable water across the globe. Millions of people in Nigeria lack access to clean drinkable
water. Our goal is to provide a portable water system in rural and vulnerable communities in
Nigeria with long-lasting benefit for years to come.

The Rafeeqee foundation water project is a long-term one with sustainability as the end
goal. Hence, we do not only provide them with access to portable water. We equally make
available a reliable powering mechanism, access and orientation on maintenance for

To achieve this aim, we:
Repair Boreholes and Pumping machines:
In some communities, the primary source of potable water is through a central borehole.
When this borehole gets spoilt, they are neglected, and the city left without a source of
water. Rafeeqee foundation identifies this needy community and provides the funds needed
to repair this borehole while we also oversee the execution of the project.

Drill New Boreholes/ Dig wells

In communities in Nigeria where they lack potable water and do not have a significant
source of water, Rafeeqee foundation helps to create a water source by drilling a new
borehole. Sometimes, we help provide water for mosques that do not have water. This
provides for the entire community.des for the entire

Zakat ul Maal:
Your Zakat donations have been a significant source of empowerment to Muslims who are
vulnerable and needy. These funds have helped people start businesses and grow existing
ones, provided food relief, health care support and even education.
Zakat is a fundamental pillar of Islam that entrenches social justice to alleviate the suffering
of humanity. It does not only purify your wealth; it breeds exponential growth in economic

Rafeeqee foundation’s zakat funds have benefited humanity in the following ways.
Healthcare (helping with hospital bill)
Providing goods to fill shops or renting new shops for the needy
We provided empowerment through the provision of tools and equipment to artisans.

Since commencing this project in 2018, we have benefited 50 beneficiaries by empowering

Da’wah and mentoring:
Calling to the way of Allah is our collective responsibility as Muslims. This we have not
neglected by carrying out rural da’wah activities to people in remote villages. In addition, we do have Islamic live lectures on Rafeeqee I-Media.

We have a partnership with the Academy of Islamic Propagation (ACADIP) in supporting
new Muslim reverts with resources for their development in faith. Our mentoring program is
still in infancy as we work on restructuring and improved delivery.

Ramadan Feeding Project:
Since the year 2015, Rafeeqee foundation has embarked upon this laudable project of
providing food materials for the needy fasting Muslims throughout the month. This is often
carried out across the north and southwestern part of Nigeria including a village in

Last year, with your support, we were able to deliver food packs to over 2000 people
across Nigeria. This year in sha Allah, we are looking forward to distributing food packs,
reaching over 5000 people with staple food supplies to help them through the
blessed month.

Qurbani Donation:
‘Eidayn: Qurbani and Sadaqatul Fitr:
We put a smile on faces as Muslims celebrate these two feasts across the globe.
Donations are received in amount equivalence for udhiya. This is done on behalf of
the donor and disbursed to the needy. Our zakat ul fitr is collected and distributed to
the needy latest by the morning of Eid-ul-Fitr before the salat is made. This makes
the receivers happy and gets some delight in the celebration.

Back to School:
Rafeeqee foundation frequently indulges in the back to school exercise to encourage
literacy among the youth. We provide school supplies such as backpacks, notepads,
textbooks and other stationaries to help students through the school year. This is
often done at the beginning of the session and is an annual event.

Orphans and Elderly Care:
This program is in its pilot stage. Without an iota of doubt, kids find themselves
vulnerable with inadequate access to food, education, healthcare and other
necessities for survival. They become susceptible and could be easily exploited.
Here’s a case of our client – Fatima:3x= monthly donation can provide her food,
clothes and school supplies. Think how happy Fatima will be? She’s not just going to
have physical care. She’s assigned a caseworker who ensures her needs are met
financially, emotionally, academically and socially as well. This is a continuous
welfare program; your monthly donation of $49.99 (N20,000) will go a long way to
make all the difference.

The elderly program also seeks to give a helping hand to the elders in the Nigerian
communities. The elderly become weak again after losing their strength. Many of the
people are neglected in society today. The neglect leads them to suffer, and adeteriorated health state. The challenges of 2020 made this more apparent, and
Rafeeqee foundation stepped up to front-line this cause. It’s also a monthly welfare
program where donors give a minimum of $49(N20,000) /older adult. This money
goes into their, feeding, clothing, health and general wellbeing.

After school activities:
This is a program to support youths with knowledge of the deen. We train students on
how to read the Qur’an with tajweed and nurture them upon sound aqeedah of the
Also, after school, lessons are organized to teach pupils and help to improve their
academic performance.

Why Sponsor an Orphan?

Why Sponsor an Elderly?

Sponsor an Orphan Now?

Why Sponsor an Elderly?