The Bad Way To Be A Hero [Must Read]

h_th2Here is a bad way to be a hero…
“Are they looking at me? Let me do it extra more!”
Such a kind of mindset is no doubt a “show off” (riyya). Showing off is a minor shirk, hence Muslims should avoid it. It is an action performed to receive praise or any wordly
gain, rather than doing it for the sake of Allaah. For example someone who only gives extra charity because people are watching and he wants to seem generous in the eyes of people: he or she does a good deed while loving people praise him/her for it; this is riyaa and it nullifies the deed in which it took place and you get no reward for it.
However, it does not nullify any other deeds,
like major shirk does. Another examples is beautifying your prayer when people are there. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: The thing I fear most for you is ash-shirk ul-asghar . The Sahaabah then asked him: ‘What is the small shirk?’ He replied: A r-riyaa (showing off).
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Jazaakumullaahu khayraan.
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