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Significance of the day of Jumu’ah

  Jumu’ah (the day of gathering) is an exclusive day for Muslims as it has been decreed by Allah. A day where a whole chapter of the Qur’an (Suratul Jumu’ah:chapter 62) is dedicated to. The significance and the grace of this day of jumu’ah cannot be over emphasized as captured […]


  Humans are natural created with insatiable needs. As some feel the need to get richer, others wants peace of mind, happiness, or freedom from worries and anxiety. While all these are necessary for every human, it is not certain that everyone will attain the desired goals. What then is […]

Thinking Good about Allah, The Best Motivation

Thinking Good about Allah, The Best Motivation Have you ever thought that your sins might not be forgiven by Allah? Or you belong to the category of people who don’t have confidence in their relationship with Allah? If your answer is yes, then you may be doing yourself more harm […]

The Secret to Long Life and Prosperity is in Maintaining Family Ties

Maintaining family ties

The Secret to Long Life and Prosperity is in Maintaining Family Ties A lot has been said and written about the ties of kinship. It is a topic that cannot be over-flogged. It is the nature of man to always expect reciprocity in all actions and relationships. However, when it […]

The Wonders in The Affairs Of Believers

The Wonders In The Affairs Of Believers When we look at our lives or the stories of people from the past, it seems to be that problems never seem to stop. The trials and tribulations make it appears that the affairs of true believers are not free from upheavals hence […]

Ingratitude: A Forbidden Trait for the Believers

Ingratitude: A Forbidden Trait for the Believers Gratitude is one of the noble characteristics of the believers. Its benefits cut across different aspects of our lives! Depressed people are often advised to be grateful and focus more on what they have in life. Apart from the fact that Allah promised […]

The Six Fortresses You Need to Weather the Storm

The rise in unrest and insurgency in many parts of the world is on the increase every day. From suicide bombing to missiles and Covid-19 pandemic, the whole world has been thrown into turmoil. This has not only affected peoples’ standard of living and quality of lives negatively, but also […]

Beware of Your Heart

Beware of Your intelect

CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE HEART AND INTELLECT IN THE PERIOD OF CRISIS As humans, we find it easier to assess things in our realm. This is done using our intellectual ability and the assessment can either be for or against us.  You may wonder how our reasoning can be against us. […]

The Fitnah of Our Time

The fitnah of our time

  Seeking knowledge and applying it has been the bedrock of scholarship and leadership throug out Islamic history. All the prophets of Allah, the rightly guided caliphates and other leaders that came after them benefitted the ummah with their knowledge and practice of the Deen. However, like an elephant in […]