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HOW TO PERFORM WUDUU(ABLUTION, PURIFICATION BEFORE SALAAT OR PRAYERS). LETS REFRESH OUR MINDS AND ALSO MAINLY FOR OUR NEW MUSLIMS. The essential and voluntary acts are integrated here to demonstrate how the Prophet (Peace be upon him) used to perform wudhu (ritual purification).1. Making the intention (Niyyah) to perform wudhu […]

Can A Muslim Wear An Amulet?

A Mindful Talk!Have you been given an amulet (tira, rings, “holy” water, bante, etc) by any alfa, pastor, etc and you still have them?Do you believe it brought your destiny to pass? The wearing and using of amulets these days is becoming too common. Let me tell you of a […]

“If NOT For Him or Her”

Have you ever say something like this before: “If it hadn’t been for him I wouldn’t have made it!”? One of the common mistake people make is saying: “If not for him/her, I wouldn’thave been here’. Or‘If Allah wills and she will’ and ‘Had it not been for Allah and […]


No doubt, premarital sex (zina) is expressly prohibited in Islaam and it is a major sin. Allaah tells us to close all doors and avenues that may lead to zina (fornication and adultery) Allaah says: “And do not even go close to Zina! Truly, it is a gross obscenity and […]