Donation orphan ramadan charity fund donate help poor
Donation orphan ramadan charity fund donate help poor

Help us Feed the Needy this Ramadan 2024

Our Ramadan Food Packages include: Rice, Beans, Garri, Millet, Sugar, Milk and More

Ramadan Food Package

30 Days
  • Feed a Family $50
  • Feed 2 Family $100
  • Feed 3 Family $150
  • Feed 5 Family $250
  • Feed 10 Family $500
  • Feed 20 Family $1000

Suhoor & Iftar Meal

30 Days
  • A day Meal (Per Person) $2
  • 5 days Meal (Per Person) $10
  • 10 Days Meal(Per Person) $20
  • 20 Days Meal(Per Person) $40
  • 30 Days Meal (Per Person) $60

Zakatul Maal

Your Zakat (0.025 x Zakat-Eligible Total)
  • Nisab threshold as of March 2023: $5,000
  • Identify your assets and calculate their value
  • Identify your liabilities
  • Determine your zakat net worth.
  • Determine your zakat date

Zakatul Fitr

$ 15
  • Determine the number of people you are giving zakaat al-fitr on behalf of
  • Determine how much one saa’ (3 litres) of the selected food item is.

Why Donate to Us

benefit 1

With our Ramadan feeding program, we were able to provide swift intervention to highly demanding financial burden that came with the crisis, we catered for about 100 communities in more than 5 states in Nigeria, by providing foods to less privileges

benefit 2

The food items will be donated to the poor and needy so they can enjoy Ramadan with a meal for suhoor (meal at dawn time) and Iftaar (ritual of breaking fast in the evening) as well.

benefit 3

Remember the hadith: *“He who feeds a fasting person will have the same reward as his (the fasting person), without any reward being diminished from the fasting person”*

benefit 4

Rafeeqee Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization with Its headquarters in the United States of America. We are registered as a 501(c)(3) organization in the USA. We are also recognized in Nigeria under article (?) (CAC/IT/NO 133974).

Join us to serve 1 Million Meals

Prophet (peace be upon him) said:
“One is not a believer who fills his stomach while his neighbor goes hungry.”

Beneficiaries Testimonials

“We want to say thank you so much for your generous donation to our community
Masjid Ibadan
“We are writing this to express our gratefulness for your remarkable donation to our Orphans.”
Niger State

Give Freedom from Hunger this Ramadan.

Bank: Access Bank
Account No: 1222522578.

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