Beware of Your Heart

Beware of Your intelect


As humans, we find it easier to assess things in our realm. This is done using our intellectual ability and the assessment can either be for or against us.  You may wonder how our reasoning can be against us. But if we take a moment to think about the things happening around us, it gives clarity.

In the course of our existence, we have had moments where we fall into limbo and we can’t comprehend the events happening around us. Sometimes we may think about the injustice and atrocities being done to the Muslims and innocent children and other times, we might even wonder why a woman dies during childbirth that leaves us torn. This seems easier to do because we don’t want to have a deeper reflection on our observations.  Our intellectual perception of human norms and actions is limited and cannot understand the wisdom behind things except there is a deeper reflection.

Many people evaluate based on the first type of reasoning and in their hasty and haughty nature, when they are hit with personal afflictions, they may go as far as saying;

“Why did He decree bad end for me?”

“Why did He not give me enough provision?”

“What wisdom is there in inflicting me with all these calamities?

They never take a moment to abide by the wisdom behind these experiences. But, if they are able to affirm and submit to the fact that Allah is The Most-Wise and The All-Sovereign then they will understand that they cannot see the wisdom behind what is happening to them.  Arrogant people rely on their intellect(this is one of the qualities of shaytan) likewise those who are atheists. They depend so much on it that there are unable to observe the Supremacy of Allah.

One of the things that make one fall into this trap is complete reliance on our intellect for meaning in the habits and norms then using the actions of creations as the basis of analogy when thinking of the ACTIONS OF OUR LORD. But if we ponder and see over time, we will realize that His actions are the Most perfect and above contractions, and none is without reason. This is the only way to make our minds submit to what we cannot comprehend.

When we the believers can nurture our intellect to observe the Action of our Lord, we will see how Exalted He is, and realize that some of His Actions are beyond our reasoning and capacity. An example is the creation of pain, the inflictions on the righteous and all. In these cases, it is recommended that we should beware of our intellect by using it to affirm that Allah is All-Sovereign and Most Wise, and so He never does something without reason, this way we will begin to tame our intellect to submit. This mindset will protect us from the whispering of shaytan.


The Prophet (May Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him) said “Halal is clear and haram is clear, and between the two are ambiguous matters that many people do not know their rulings. Whosoever avoids ambiguous matters will safeguard his religion and reputation. And the one who falls into them falls in the haram like the shepherd who gazes around the sanctuary and is about to cross into it.  Indeed, every king has a sanctuary, and the sanctuary of Allah is His Prohibitions.  And indeed, in the body there is a morsel of meat that if it is well, the rest of the body is well; and if it is corrupt, then the rest of the body will be corrupt.  It is the heart” {reported by Al-Bukhari (52) and Muslim (1599)}

Why this Hadith, you may wonder…

So many things are happening around us, there are so many calls for resolution, but can our intellect prevail us?

Our heart is what determines the quality of our lives and Iman. Following the halal and avoiding the doubtful and the haram happens only because of the piety of the heart. It is the king and our limbs are soldiers, and it sets the tone for the rest of our body, which includes our mind.  If the heart is not in submission, the reasoning cannot be, no matter how intelligent we may be.  It was also reported that

The Prophet, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, pointed to his chest and said; “Taqwa is here” [ reported by Muslim 2564]; which means submission(Taqwah) begins and resides in the heart and it flows to the rest of the body. That is, our heart is the ARENA where the most significant changes take place.

In moving forward and nurturing our intellect so as not to be misled by it, we need to care for the part of our body that Allah Cares about the most and this will help us in submitting to His Wisdom when things happen. This means our hearts need nourishments and attentions, and this will enable us to taste the sweetness of Faith. We need the heart so much to be cared for now than ever before. A sound heart sees reasons and submits to The All-Sovereign and gives devotions to His Perfection.

A very good example is the story of Prophet Musa (Alayhi as-salaam) and Al-Khidr. When we reflect on this story, we will agree that our intellect can mislead us if we do not submit to Allah’s Wisdom in our experiences.  This principle is important to hold unto in this current life of ours. There are so many things happening and a lot have fallen into the trap of shaytan by cursing time or overthinking beyond their psychological level, instead of surrendering to the Creator of Time and hold tight to His Commandment and wait on His Promises. This is only how we can change.



  1. All the commands of Allah in Islam are received first in the heart. Heartaccepts or rejects; decides to pursue them or avoid them, and then the body does the action.
  2. There are times when the body might be unable to perform commandments or is forced, the hearts remain steadfast; likewise, when the body is compelled to utter disbelief for fear of death or torture, Iman in the heart keeps Muslims.
  3. There are limits that the body can do, but the hearts can engage in worship if it is Awake
  4. The heart is the foundation of worship.
  5. The heart drives intentions.
  6. It is the major target of shaytan because of its importance.

Our intellect can only be nurtured by a sound heart. This means that we need to try as much as possible to let our hearts be inhabited by the love and fear of Allah, this will in turn protect it from desires and doubts, especially in these trying times.

Let us try as much as possible not to evaluate merely by our intellects, there are some things beyond our comprehension, and we need to hold our hearts in submission to Allah’s Promises for those who are Patient and Believe.

The Heart is the Key to Sucess in this life and the next. May Allah ease it for us and keep it firm on His Obedience and on the Deen.