No doubt, premarital sex (zina) is expressly prohibited in Islaam and it is a major sin. Allaah tells us to close all doors and avenues that may lead to zina (fornication and adultery) Allaah says: “And do not even go close to Zina! Truly, it is a gross obscenity and an evil path (to go down).” [al-Qur’an, 17:32] Adultery/fornication, is prohibited and anything that will lead to it is also prohibited. It is even prohibited to have a lustful look at a person of the opposite gender. That will lead to other evils. Allaah says: “Tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts)” [al-Noor 24:30] The punishment for fornication is 100 lashes in an Islamic state for both – unmarried male and
unmarried female. If either one is married, then the punishment is
death through stoning. The seriousness of such punishments
will be appreciated only if one understands the evils in society that emanates from such sins. Consider the following:
1. Adultery and fornication is just
using one another to fulfil one’s passion and desire. A human being should be respected and not just used. In marriage, there is loyalty and commitment.
2. Adultery/fornication either leads to illegitimate children who feel a sense of immorality in their entire life. They will lead by the example
their biological parents set for them.
Adultery/fornication may lead to abortion if the partners do not wish to have a child. That is murder.
3. Adultery and fornication that leads to a person having multiple sex partners. That is the cause of
AIDS and other epidemics.
The above three points are a sufficient burden in society. Allah refer to adultery/fornication as Faahisha (evil).
Dear Brother or Sister, you should get married if your partner is committed to you. If he is not ready yo be committed and get married, then fear Allaah and stay away from Zina. Look for someone else to get married to. Do not continue your relationship with
the person. Also make Tawbah, Allaah is most Forgiving. If you are sincere, Allaah will forgive you.
“And those who, after they had committed a
gross obscenity [ie. zina], or wronged
themselves [by what approaches it, such as
kissing], remembered Allah, and then sought
forgiveness for their sins – and who forgives sins except Allah? – and they did not continue in committing it, knowing fully-well [it was a sin]:
For those people, their recompense is a great forgiveness from their Lord! And gardens underneath which rivers flow! They will be in there forever! What a wonderful reward for those who act for Allah!”
[al-Quran, 2:135-136, interpretation from
Jalalayn and Tabari]]

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