Muslims Beware! This is Dangerous

Dear Muslim reader, by now, you probably know what major shirk is — for example praying to statues, invoking others than Allah and so on. And you would never do this, right? However, there are other types of shirk which a lot of us slip into. Why? Because in our daily lives we get attached to some wordly stuffs and start loving things like we should only love Allah ‘azza wa jall.
With numerous TV
programme’s cultivating pop stars, provoking song lyrics and movies people start admiring, looking up to and loving singers and actors. Shirk-al-mahabbah means that you show the love which is due to Allah alone, to others than Him. This type of shirk also means loving those who Allaah hates or
hating those who Allaah loves. Allaah says: “And of mankind are some who take (for
worship) others besides Allaah as rivals (to Allaah). They love them as they love
Allaah. But those who believe, love Allaah more (than anything else)… [Quran, 2:165] Saying ‘He is my idol!’ might seem innocent,
but it is a huge problem in the ummah, when you see Muslims preferring listening to music over prayer and loving and imitating
singers and actors who disobey Allah!
By now you must realize the scary presence of shirk in many daily life situations and you
want to know how to protect yourself, right?
The Prophet taught us a crucial supplication:
ﺍﻟﻠَّﻬُﻢَّ ﺇِﻧِّﻲ ﺃَﻋُﻮﺫُ ﺑِﻚَ ﺃَﻥْ ﺃُﺷْﺮِﻙَ ﺑِﻚَ ﻭَﺃَﻧَﺎ ﺃَﻋْﻠَﻢُ ، ﻭَﺃَﺳْﺘَﻐْﻔِﺮُﻙَ ﻟِﻤَﺎ ﻟَﺎ
Allaahumma innee a‛oodhu bika an ushrika bika wa ana a‛lamu, wa astaghfiruka li maa laa a‛lam
Meaning : O Allah, I seek refuge with You lest I should commit shirk with You knowingly and I seek Your forgiveness for what I do unknowingly. [Ahmad] Memorize it, really use and convey it to others in shaa Allah!
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Jazaakumullaahu khayraan
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