“If NOT For Him or Her”

Have you ever say something like this before: “If it hadn’t been for him I wouldn’t have made it!”?

One of the common mistake people make is saying: “If not for him/her, I wouldn’t
have been here’. Or
‘If Allah wills and she will’ and ‘Had it not been for Allah and you, this wouldn’t have happened’ or ‘ Had it not been for the dogs,
we would have been robbed as well’
Do you know what is wrong with statements like that?
In the first, you are not even mentioning Almighty Allah and in the second two you are
gathering the Creator and the creation in an
If truly you believe in such statements with your heart it becomes major shirk! However, if you didn’t intend it and it only flowed from
your lips, it is a form of minor shirk and you
need to repent for it.

Rather say: ‘As Allah wills, and then you will’ or ‘Had it not been for Allaah and then for you.’
May Allaah grant us understanding (Aameen). To learn more about shirk and tawheed.
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