General Islamic Wisdom Is Here…

# ‘Abdullaah Ibn Mas’ood (ra) said:

“Recite the Quraan in seven days but do not recite it in less than thre days, and a man should strictly guard his daily recitation of one juzz.” 
[Ash-Shu’ab, 2/2173]

√ Khaalid Ibn Ma’daan said:

“When a door leading to good is opened up for one of you then he should hasten to it because you don’t know when it will be shut.” 
[Al-Hilya, 5/211]

√ Sufyaan Ath-Thawree used to offer prayer and then turn towards the youth and say: 

“If you don’t offer prayer today, then when?” 
[Al-Hilyah, 7/59]

√ Bakr Ibn ‘Abdillaah Al-Muzanee said:

“Whoever commits a sin laughing will enter the Fire crying.” 
[Al-Hilyah, 6/185]

√ Al-Qaadhee ‘Iyaad said:

“According to how small you look at the sin is how great it will be in the sight of Allaah, and according to how greatly you look at the sin the smaller it will be in the sight of Allaah.” 
[As-Siyar, 8/428]

√ Al- Awzaa’ee said:

“Once I heard Bilaal Ibn Sa’d saying, ‘Do not look at how small the sin is but instead look at how great is the One that you have disobeyed.’ “
 [Al-Hilya, 5/223]

√ Aboo Haazim Salamah Ibn Deenaar said:

“Look at every act that you would hate to die while committing, and then abandon it.”
 [Al-Musannaf, 7/194]

√ Ibn ‘Abbaas said:

“There cannot be a major sin along with seeking Allaah’s forgiveness, nor a minor sin while being persistent upon it.”
[Ash-Shu’ab, 5/7268]

√ Al-Awzaa’ee said:

“It used to be said, ‘From the major sins is for a man to do a sin and then look down upon it.‘ “
[Ash-Shu’ab, p.6752]

√ Aboo Ayoob Al-Ansaaree said:

“Indeed a man will do a bad deed and be afraid of it so much so that he will go to Allaah in safety.”
[Ash-Shu’ab, p.6880]

√ Ibn Al-Mubaarak said:

“Once Wuhayb Ibn Al-Ward was asked, ‘Will the one who disobeys Allaah find the sweetness of worship?‘ He replied, ‘No, nor the one who even thinks about disobeying Allaah.‘ “
[Ash-Shu’ab, p. 833]

√ Bishr Ibn Al-Haarith said:

“You will not find the sweetness of worship until you place a barrier between yourself and your lusts.”
[As-Siyar, 10/473]

√ Abul Hasan Al-Muzayyan said:

“A sin committed after another sin is a punishment for the first sin and a good deed that is done after another good deed is the reward for the first good deed.”
[Sifatus Safwah, 2/456]

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