General Islamic Principle: Important Observation Muslim Women

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The questions and answers below are from the general Islamic principle which all Muslim women must know and note as regards their five daily prayers. Kindly remember to share with friends and family.

Is it Permissible for a Woman to Pray Without Socks or With a Short Garment?
Questioner: Our teacher, many women go to the masjid for prayer without socks, they perform their prayer without socks. Shaikh Al-Albani: Whether they go or not (to the masjid) their prayer in their houses without socks is an invalid prayer. Questioner: Even in the house? Shaikh Al-Albani: Even in the house, so how about the masjid? Questioner: May Allah reward you. Shaikh Al-Albani: And you also. Another Questioner: Even if she completely covers her feet? Shaikh Al-Albani: How do you imagine that she covers her feet? In the present day there are no women who drag their garments (because of it being long), but if you can picture this case then the prayer is correct, and the issue is that her feet are uncovered, however if her feet are covered, for example: her dress is loose and long where it covers her feet, then this is what is wanted from the women when she prays in her home or in the masjid, but sadly today women don’t have long clothing. Questioner: Ok, do the socks cover, O teacher? Shaikh Al-Albani: The socks cover and don’t cover. They cover the color of the skin, but they don’t cover the shape of the foot, therefore from the conditions of the garment that covers the private parts for men –aside from women–is that it is not transparent where the color of the skin is visible, and it is not tight where it defines the body part. So the garment is not permissible unless it contains these two characteristics, it’s not transparent and not tight. Questioner: Ok, do the socks define the body part? Shaikh Al-Albani: Absolutely, they define. Questioner: Ok, how do they cover in prayer? Shaikh Al-Albani: With time they cover; they cover and don’t cover. And I explained to you in detail how they cover and don’t cover. Questioner: Meaning, the woman must wear socks in prayer? Shaikh Al-Albani: I said, and I am still saying –she must cover her feet with a loose and wide garment, as for the socks they cover and they don’t cover, my words are clear. Questioner: Is it better to wear socks? Shaikh Al-Albani: If her garment is long […] if her garment is long where it covers her feet whether she wears socks or not, what is meant is a covering that is not tight or transparent. Socks without a garment over them define the body part, but they cover the skin color and this is not enough, so it is necessary for the garment to cover the color and the shape. Questioner: Our teacher, in regards to nullification of the prayer, but they don’t have knowledge of these things. Shaikh Al-Albani: Yes, they don’t have knowledge but they can learn, so if they learn and remain lenient then their prayer is invalid.

Source: ”Silsilat al Huda wan Noor” Translated by Abu Musa Muhammad Sulieman

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