Importance Tips On Spending On Your Family

It is now common for husbands to give in to their wives’ unnecessary demands — expensive foreign vacations, clothes, jewelry, a new car or a bigger house. Some even go as far as to relinquish their own relatives financially, because their wife’s demands are always first to be met.
On the other extreme, some Muslim men
who listen only to their parents about how to spend their money, and fulfill all the latter’s demands, giving money to all far-flung family members, but keeping their wife and children in one small bedroom for years on end, providing
them just the bare minimum in order to sustain their living.
A good Muslim husband pays his wife her dower ( Mahr ) in full, the morning after she has come to his home. He hands it over to her to spend as she wishes, not to her father or any other male relative. Also, he maintains a delicate
balance in spending on his wife, children, parents and other relatives. He does not cave in to the unnecessary demands of any of them, and always fears Allaah in ensuring that he fulfills the responsibility of adequately providing for all his family members.
May Allaah ease our affairs..Aameen
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