His Birthday? The History of Mawlid Nabiyy

The History of Mawlid
The celebration of Mawlid occurred in the era of Banu Ubayd from the Shiites who are Rafidhis. They are called Fâtimis. These people innovated many celebrations for the Prophet صلَّى الله عليه وسلَّم, his Family and for others among pious people. They did even innovate celebrations for others who are in error among superstitious people and Qubûris (worshippers of tombs); so they celebrate the New Year and copy the Jews, celebrate the Prophet’s birthday and copy the Christians, celebrate the day of Ashûra’, the birthday of Ali Ibn Abi Talîb رضي الله عنه, Al-Hassan and Al-Hussayn رضي الله عنهما, Fâtima رضي الله عنها and the caliph at the time and many others.

The first one who innovated the celebration of Mawlid was Al-Muiz Li-Dînillâh in 362H in Cairo. The celebration continued till it was suppressed by Al-Afdal Abu Al-Qâssim, the Emir of the armies Ibn Badr Al-Jamâli and the Minister of the Caliph Al-Musta ̀li Billâh in 490H. He came after them `Umar Ibn Muhammad Al-Mulla Al-Irbiliy, one of the famous Sufis. He was, in fact, the first one to revive the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday heresy in Al-Mawsil. The king of Irbil copied him and so did others.

Excerpt taken from the article “The Celebration of the Prophet’s Birthday” by Shaykh Muhammad Ali Ferkus. حفظه الله.
We should therefore not join in celebrating this innovation. May Allaah grant us understanding. (Aameen)

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