General Islamic Principles: Spend On Your Wife

Shaikh Ibn ‘Uthaimeen said:
From the people there’s he who restricts his wife and doesn’t fulfill her rights. He doesn’t spend upon her. If he does give her, he shorts her.

At times he gives her in a state of disgruntlement.

If she says: Give me 10 Riyal so that I may purchase something I’m in need of…

He says: In Sha Allaah, at ‘Asr…

Then when ‘Asr comes he says: Tomorrow.

Like this he continues to put her off. This isn’t permissible and is haraam for him.

If the wife’s in this state, then if she’s able, she may take from his wealth without his knowledge (just enough to fulfill her need)…

Source: at-Ta’leeq ‘alaal-Muntaqa Min Akhbar’ul Mustafa (v. 4, p. 638)

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