The Often Forgotten True Love [MustRead&Share]

Did you know 1400 years ago someone loved you?

That was when you were not even there. He was worried about you, wanted to save you from anything bad as well as asking Allaah for your forgiveness. Allaah talk about his love for you and me in the Qur’aan,
*”Verily, There has come unto you a Messenger (Muhammad [peace be upon him) from amongst you. It grieves him that you should receive any injury or difficulty. He (Muhammad [peace be upon him) is anxious over you (to be rightly guided, to repent to Allaah, and beg Him to pardon and forgive your sins in order that you may enter Paradise and be saved from the punishment of the Hell-fire); for the believers (he, peace be upon him is) full of pity, kind, and merciful.”(Qur’aan 9:128)*

He wanted nothing but jannah for you. It was you and me that he was concerned about. At a time, he was thinking about you & me and what will be our fate after-life. He raised his hand and started saying, *Allahumma Ummati, Allahumma Ummati* (meaning: O Allah my Ummah, O Allah my Ummah [meaning: we Muslims]).
He then began to cry thinking about this Ummah, about us. Allaah, the Most High, at this point, told Jibreel to go to the Prophet and ask him why is he crying (of course Allaah knew why). So Jibreel came and asked the Prophet , the Prophet replied,
*I am crying thinking for my Ummah, thinking of what will be their fate.*
So Jibreel went back and Allaah said to him, *O Jibreel, go back to Muhammad and tell him, we are going to please you for your Ummah. And we are not going to cause you any irritation.*[Sahih Muslim]

Now ask yourself…
*What I have done in response to the  love of prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) for me?* ~Nothing~?…But from today I will try to follow his sunnah, won’t you?
Let us have a genuine love for the Prophet .
Let us understand the sacrifices he made for us.
Let us understand what a great personality he was.
Let us study his life so that we can implement and follow his teachings and come closer to Almighty Allaah .
Allaah says in the Qur’aan,
*Say, [O Muhammad], “If you should love Allaah , then follow me, [so] Allah will love you and forgive you your sins. And Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.”* (Qur’aan 3:31)
May Almighty Allah make us among those who truly follow the Prophet and may he forgive us of our sins. (Aameen)

Abu Yuusuf Ya’quub ibn Sa’ad
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