Promise of Allah to believers for a good life

“Share to your groups please. BismilLahir Rahmaanir Raheem.

Allah the Most high, says,
“Whoever works righteousness, man or woman, and has Faith, verily, to them ALLAH will give a new Life, a life that is good and pure and ALLAH will bestow on such people their reward according to the best of their actions.”[Al Qur’an 16:97].

The believers have a very good life, don’t be fooled by what you see. For sometimes what you see is not what you get. Sometimes you can see a wealthy disbeliever who has the world in his hands, but you can’t see what is going on in the inside, and he doesn’t know what the believers are feeling because he has never felt it. He feels happy with what he has and doesn’t know that there is something much better than that.

Ibn Taymiyah (May Allah have mercy on him) said “If the kings knew the happiness and pleasure that we feel in our hearts, they would come and try to take it away from us with the tips of their swords.” Allah says “But whosoever turns away from My Message, verily for him is a very distressful life.” [Al Qur’an 20:124]. You see the disbelievers especially the rich will most times sit to worry that one day they will die and leave all their wealth and go where? They live in fear without any hope.

Be assured anyone not on the true path is having a life of misery even if you think otherwise. Whilst the believers who are apparently going through suffering, Allah is giving them a feeling in their heart that could not be bought with the wealth of this Dunya. Because of the difficulty the believers go through and the patience they show Allah gives them something in their hearts that cannot be described with words. Again, if you are not feeling this, then there is something wrong with your eeman (faith).

We ask Allah to have mercy on us and grant us Jannat by His Rahmah. Aameen.”
May Allâh grant us better understanding of His deen.And may His peace & blessings be upon the messenger & his household.
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