General Islamic Principle: Who Is A Dayooth?

The modesty of our women faded when our men lost their gheerah.

Never marry a man who won’t enter Jannah!! The prophet Muhammad (sallaAllahu alaihi wa sallam) said “The Dayooth will not enter Jannah.” Who is the The Dayooth? He is the man who doesn’t have jealousy on his Maharaim(his mother, sister, wife …) He is the man who would show off his wife, her beauty and her style in front of men He is the one who doesn’t protect her from the eager eyes of strangers (non Mahram) He is the one who accepts that his wife go out with him wearing perfume, putting make up and wearing attractive clothes as if she is an item for sale to others He is the man who is pleased by the admiring glances from stranger men toward his wife/sisters He is pleased by sharing her with them!! He would let his sister/his daughter go out with tight clothes, without her Hijab He is the man who knows that his sister/his daughter has a boyfriend but he doesn’t care He never has Jealousy on her and would let her show her charm to any one!! So dear sister, never marry a Dayooth! Abdullaah ibn ‘Umar(radiallaahu anhu reported that the Prophet (sallallahu alayhe wasallaam said: “Three people will not enter paradise, and Allaah will not look to them on the Day of Judgement: the one who is disobedient to his parents, the woman who imitates men and the ad-Dayooth.” (Ahmad) Ad-Dayooth is the man who permits women for whom he is responsible (eg: mother, wife, sister etc.) to engage in illicit relations, or to display their beauty to strange men, thereby stimulating their sexual desires.

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