What Married People Should Know About “The 9month Special”

Let me begin asking every man a question: can you carry a book on your head every where you go and every time for 9months?
“NO”! I’m sure that is your correct response.
Most men usually have no idea of the
tremendous physical pain that women go through (carrying a child for 9months). Some of them find this out after marriage, when they witness their wife going through monthly cramps, or the rigors of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. If
nothing more, this should increase their respect for women in general.
However, some married Muslim men stay out late at night with friends, at clubs, restaurants, games or the movies, while their pregnant or newly-mother wife stays at home with the baby.
They hand over the responsibility of taking care of her to their mothers or sisters. This behavior is inappropriate, and it will cause hatred to develop in the wife’s heart.
The good Muslim husband offers extra moral and physical support to his wife during these difficult phases in her life. Don’t feel your manly ego busted if you have to give the baby its bottle or pacify it, while your wife attends to an older child or her own genuine needs. The Muslim husband is a doting and hands-on father; and this attribute makes his wife love him even more!
A man should take adequate care of his wife during her pregnancy and breastfeeding. May Allaah increase us in obedience and piety (Aameen).
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