Privacy With The Opposite Sex

Brothers and sisters in Islaam, Allaah says in the noble Qur’aan: “O you who believe! Follow not the footsteps of Shaytaan (satan). And whosoever
follows the footsteps of Satan, then verily he commands what is indecent and wrong.”
[Qur’aan 24:21] One of the Satan’s means to tempt people into sin, is privacy
with non-mahram women/men, for this
reason, being in privacy with a non-mahram women or men is prohibited in Islaam.
The Prophet (peace be upon) said, “A man does not meet privately with a woman without the Satan being the third
(present).” (Tirmithi) Ibn Umar narrated that the Prophet (peace be upon him) also said, “From now on a man must not drop in on a non-mahram woman unless accompanied by one or two men.” (Muslim)
Therefore, a man is not allowed to be alone with a stranger-woman in a house or a room, or in a car, even if that woman is his sister-in-
law or his maid, or his patient [in the case of a physician] etc. Many
people are very lax concerning this rule, thinking they have confidence in controlling themselves or confidence in the other party, but
this leads to fornication or to its
preambles, and causes the increase of illegitimate children.
We all should try tell our younger ones as regard this. Jazaakumullaahu khayraan as you read and share.
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