” Pathological Jealousy”, A Disease That Destroys Love

Married couples should know that being concerned about
your wife’s or husband’s activities l and pastimes does not justify spying on him/her or being unnecessarily suspicious, overbearing and nosy about his/her affairs. Let him/her have a productive and intellectual life during the day.
As the husband, your job is to fulfill your responsibility of her religious character-building, but do this by dealing with her in the most beautiful manner.
It is of course, one of the lowest deeds, to
suspect your wife of displaying her beauty or flirting with other men without any credible evidence. Pathological jealousy is a disease that destroys love between a husband and wife. Don’t mix the praiseworthy “ghiyarah ” [protectiveness from harm and from falling into sin] that Muslim men should possess about their families, with this poisonous jealousy. Remember that to slander a chaste woman in any way, is a grave sin that incurs Allah’s wrath.
May Allaah forgive us all of our mistakes (Aameen)
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