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Information about jins

Allah says (and He created the jinn and mankind only to worship)
The jins see us but we do not see them because Allah has made a membrane in the eyes of man so that we do not see them because if we see them we might die of fear or become blind because of the shock. Their sight is really terrifying .

They always live around us and there are 3 types of them :
Elifrit -this ones have the ability to transfer things from one country to another and they are used by witches and sorcerers

Alkhabal- these are the freaks of the jin and they disturb man such as wearing their clothes, eplilepsy and so on

Ghilan- They appear in form of man,cat, dog, donkey, or any animal.

Generally? All of them are weak and they flee when they hear Surat Yassin, muawadhatein, or surat baqarah. Therefore I advise you dear muslim brother or sister;

1. When you change your clothes say bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, so that they don’t see your nakedness.

2. When you sleep, sleep on your right side and read the Muawadhatein because the jin will sleep over you and suffocate you and also make you have nightmares just to bother you.

3. Beware of planting pins or nails in the puppets or dolls for they live there. If you disturb them, they will revenge on you.

4. Do not speak loudly in the middle of the night because you can upset them and they deliberately hurt you in silence

5. Do not cry alone because your jin becomes sad on your sadness and they wait to hug you so your body temperature goes high.

6. You should Mention Allah when throwing something and jumping from a high place because there might be a jin sleeping and you disturb them and they revenge on you.

7. Don’t pour hot water in the toilet unless you say the dua for entering the toilet (Allahuma inni audhu bika minal khubuthi wal khabaaith )
Because toilets are their favorite place to stay.

8. If you feel your ears whistling without a cause or illness and you can smell fire, know that a jin is standing in front of you.

9. If you see an animal and you get scared or you try to scare it but doesnt respond, know that its a jinn.

10. Dont stand undressed in front of a mirror or look at yourself since a jinn can fall in love with you and will try to mingle with you and end up hurting anyone who approaches you.

Don’t be scared. Always remember Allah for they melt when Allah is mentioned just like metal that melts in the fire.

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