How to help your children with Ramadan

For Muslims, Ramadan is the most blessed month of the year. It is the month in which parents can better teach their children about Ramadan and its practices. Children are very curious and they want to do things that their parents or adults do, like kids imitate their parents or adults while praying, so it is the best chance to tell them about Ramadan. Young kids cannot keep fast but they can be involved in Ramadan routine by some ways!

Ramadan Activities ramadan for kids

Involve the kids in waking up at dawn for eating Sheri with whole family and at dusk to break the fast. They will learn how things happen in Ramadan and its routine. Let them do small tasks in preparing Iftari and Sehri but don’t over burden them.

Read Ramadan Books and Arrange Function

You can purchase Ramadan’s books for kids and let them read it or read books for them. Children like to listen to stories, so narrate stories on blessing of Ramadan. You can arrange small function for kids in your locality where kids would design the performance and narrate stories about it.

The Zakat (Alms giving)

Ramadan is the best month to enlighten the importance of Zakat to your kids. You can involve them while giving money or helping to the poor, this will help to develop the habit of helping and sharing in kids.

Remember to not over burden your kids with all these activities, let them stay light and learn what you want them to learn!

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Jazaakumullaahu khayraan