Conditions Of Sacrifices [Must Read &Share!]

Is it wajib to sacrifice animals?
According to the people of knowledge that the Udhiyah (sacrifice) is not obligatory, but it is Sunnah among the Sunan of the Prophet (peace be upon him) which is recommended to perform. This is the view of Sufyan Al Thawri and Ibn Al-Mubarak Also Imam Malik said “The sacrifice is sunnah, and it is not obligatory. I prefer that anyone who has the price of the animal should not abandon it. ” [Muwatta Malik : Baab Sacrificial Animals : Book 23, Hadith 13] Shaikh Ibn Uthaymîn (rahimahullah) “Each point of view has its evidence. It is safe for the one who is able to offer a sacrifice should not neglect to do so, because of what is involved in this act of reverence towards Allâh, remembering Him, and making sure that one has nothing to be blamed for.”

What is the time when the sacrifice should be slaughtered?
The time for offering the sacrifice begins after the Eid prayer on Eid al-Adha and ends when the sun sets on the thirteenth of Dhu’l-Hijjah. So there are four days of sacrifice: the day of Eid al-Adha and the three days after it.

Who has to sacrifice an animal?
Those who are rich have to sacrifice animals. The criterion for it is to have enough money, goods or property to be regarded as rich after deducing one’s basic needs. It is not necessary to wait for one year after obtaining those goods, as it is the case in zakat.

Is it necessary in a family for the mother, father and children who have enough money to sacrifice an animal each?
Hanafis regard a person who has personal money, goods or property a separate mukallaf (an accountable person) and have the opinion that whether male or female, such a person needs to sacrifice a separate animal. Other madhhabs have the opinion that it does not matter whether each individual has separate money or not, one sacrifice is enough for a family.

What animals can be slaughtered as sacrifice?
It is only valid to slaughter camels, cattle, sheep, or goats. Camels must be over five years old, cows and goats must be over two years old, and sheep must be over one year old. Sheep can, however, also be slaughtered after six months if their front teeth fall out. It does not matter whether the animals are male or female; both are valid to slaughter. Camels and cows fulfill the sunna for seven people and can be shared among them. Sheep and goats cannot be shared by multiple people, since they only fulfill the sunna for a single person. The animals must be free of any defect that diminishes the quality of their meat.

What do I do with the meat?
Dividing the meat into three is Mustahabb (liked, preferable), one-third to keep for oneself, one- third to be given as gifts and one-third to be given in charity. This was the opinion of Ibn Mas’ûd (radhi allahu anhu) and Ibn Umar [(Sahîh) by Shaikh al-Albanî in Sunan Ibn Majah vol: 2, p: 203, no: 2546] If the sacrifice was a sunna sacrifice (meaning that one did not vow it), it is permissible to eat from the meat of the sacrifice, although some of it (meaning any non-trivial (ghayr tafih) amount) must be given away in charity. It best to give all of the meat away in charity except for a few morsels (not more than three) that one eats oneself; it is sunna that these morsels be from the liver (kabid). It is common practice in many Muslim lands to give one-third of the meat in charity, one-third to poor Muslims, and to keep one third for oneself, and this is acceptable. To give in charity means to give the meat to someone who is poor (faqeer) or short of money (miskeen). It is not necessary to give to more than one person. The meat must be given uncooked.

Is it permissible to sacrifice a slaughter with the borrowed money?
Since it is permissible to buy other things with the borrowed money, it is also permissible to buy a sacrifice with it.

Can a woman who is in the menstruation period and a man who is junub slaughter a sacrifice?
Yes, a woman who is in the menstruation period and a man who is junub can slaughter a sacrifice. And it is permissible to eat the meat of that animal.
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